Commercial Litigation

We have a team of about 100 lawyers who cover the full range of commercial litigation matters, including banking and finance, building and construction, constitutional law, debt recovery, defamation, fraud and white-collar crime, intellectual property, telecommunications, and media and technology.

Our Senior Counsel are widely regarded as amongst the best in the region. They command industry prestige and respect, and are favoured by clients for the most complex and significant matters.

We also represent Fortune 500 companies, multi-national corporations, and local organisations, such as Asia Pacific Breweries, DBS Bank, UBS, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Press Holdings, SISTIC, Creative Technology, and Singapore Exchange Limited.

We have been involved in many of Singapore’s landmark cases, such as SISTIC’s appeal against the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS), MAS’ civil penalties for insider trading, and appeals by several coach operators against CCCS.

We also represent clients from several countries and industries in disputes before the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC).

In the last year alone, we handled litigation matters involving sums exceeding US$53.57 billion.

Practice Areas  

  • Administrative & Public Law
  • Banking & Finance
  • Building & Construction
  • Civil & Commercial
  • Corporate
  • Corporate Restructuring & Workouts
  • Competition Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Debt Recovery
  • Directors’ Duties/Corporate Fraud & White Collar Crime
  • Employment & Immigration
  • Environmental Law
  • Family & International Personal Relationships
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance & Reinsurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Trade
  • Medical
  • Real Estate


Asian Legal Business Southeast Asia Law Awards
Regional Litigation Law Firm of the Year 2021 – 4th year
Singapore Litigation Law Firm of the Year 2021 –  16th year
Singapore Managing Partner of the Year 2022 - Cavinder Bull, SC – 2nd year
Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year 2021 - Cavinder Bull, SC – 2nd year
Young Lawyer of the Year 2022 – Adam Maniam, Foo Yuet Min (2021), Mahesh Rai (2019)
SE Asia Law Firm of the Year 2017

Chambers Asia Pacific & Greater China Region Awards 2022
Singapore Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year

The Legal 500 Southeast Asia Awards 20/21 (inaugural)
Litigation Team of the Year 20/21

“Top class litigation practice - the advocates fight fearlessly on behalf of clients. We engage Drew & Napier to do a stellar job when we anticipate a tough fight on our hands.”

“They are thorough, cutting edge, and always several steps ahead of the opposition and good strategic thinkers. Very commercial minded. Very user friendly, and creative litigators. I would recommend them again in a heartbeat.”

asialaw Awards
Impact Deal and Case Award 2022/23: Winner – Hin Leong Trading Insolvency 
Client Service Excellence Firm of the Year 2021 – Singapore
Client Service Excellence Lawyer of the Year 2021: Singapore – Jimmy Yim, SC

Asian Legal Business India Law Awards 2019 (inaugural)
India Practice, Asian Law Firm of the Year 2019

Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific Awards
Hall of Fame award 2022 - Cavinder Bull, SC
Impact Case 2022 – Winners
Hin Leong Trading Insolvency 
Prudential Assurance Company Singapore v former Group Financial Services Director/ PTMO
Commercial & Transactions Firm of the Year 2019
National Law Firm of the Year 2018 – Singapore
Disputes Star of the Year, Singapore 2018 – Cavinder Bull, SC

The Asian Lawyer Emerging Markets Awards 2016
Commercial Litigation Firm of the Year

The Legal 500 Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution 2023 – Ranked Tier 1 for 24 consecutive years
Hall of Fame:    
Cavinder Bull, SC – 3 consecutive years
Leading Individuals:      
Jimmy Yim, SC – 22 consecutive years
Siraj Omar, SC – 4 consecutive years

Recommended lawyers:
Randolph Khoo – 6 consecutive years
Blossom Hing – 6 consecutive years
Woo Shu Yan – 2 consecutive years
Meryl Koh – 2 consecutive years
Wendell Wong
Kelvin Tan
Gary Low
Chia Voon Jiet
Andrew Chua

Next Generation Lawyers:
Mahesh Rai – 4 consecutive years

“The firm should be commended for its effective and high quality legal representation, exemplary professional conduct from everyone regardless of rank and most distinctly, its dedication and commitment to pro bono work.”

“Besides its proven capabilities to solve problems in a quick and efficient manner, they are also open and transparent to go through their billings with you.”

“Comprehensive full-service firm with depth of expertise in a range of critical areas that are indispensable for our day-to-day operations, whether during a growth cycle or a downward trend, such as construction, corporate, insolvency & restructuring, security of payment matters and dispute resolution.”

’Drew & Napier LLC always provide professional and strategical advice on dispute resolution and all advices
are provided with high efficiency. The law firm is rich in resources in different countries.’

‘Reputable, professional, resourcefulness, diligence, tactical, knowledgeable. They made me, as their client, so easy to undertake my role & responsibilities as the plaintiff acting on behalf of my company.’

Absolute experts in terms of local legal issues coupled with valuable global/cross-border experience. Very high commercial acumen and general intellect across the entire team, not just leaders. Multi-language capability. These practitioners are genuinely pleasant to work with. Collaborative and not adversarial in terms of dealing with any legal team issues.’

Sources say: “The firm has been the gold standard for litigation for a long time and remains at the forefront.”

The firm is honest, astute and organised. It is clinical in its efficiency and runs rings around the opposition.”

It invests resources into best-of-class, decent and efficient lawyers able to support clients to the absolute best of their abilities.”

‘“Top of the class” and a “clear leader in litigation”’

Chambers Asia-Pacific and Chambers GlobalDispute Resolution: Litigation: Domestic Firms 2023 – Ranked Band 1 (17 consecutive years)
Leading Individuals:      
Jimmy Yim, SC – Band 2 (14 years ranked)
Cavinder Bull, SC – Band 1 (13 years running)
Randolph Khoo – Band 4 (6 years running)
Siraj Omar, SC – Band 4 (2 years running)
Blossom Hing – Band 5 (2 years running)
Mahesh Rai – Band 5

"Drew & Napier have a great wealth of experience coupled with in-depth legal and commercial knowledge that enables them to give wise and practical advice and guidance".

"Drew & Napier is altogether exceptional. First-class service with the brains and tactics to match."

"Drew & Napier is an excellent firm - they're well organised, disciplined, and their performance is good and consistent, a fantastic organisation overall."

Clients are superlative in their discussions of the team. They speak of its “exceptional in-depth understanding of the law” and hold it to be a go-to name, even among the top international firms.

Drew & Napier's team is further highlighted for being prompt and dedicated in approach and “particularly good in analysing the various legal options available”.

Clients praise the quality of the team's advice: "They are very responsive, diligent and responsible in the legal work carried out. Most importantly, they are straightforward in giving assessments of the case."

Sources say: "They are very proactive and they can think outside of the box. They do the work well, which means they are able to move things on quickly."

"Their reputation is well deserved: they are the top firm overall in Singapore, unlike a lot of multinational firms. They really are focused on operating from Singapore, but they work all around the world."

"They are among the top at their game in Singapore and they have a good network of solid friendly firms in other jurisdictions that they work very well with."

"They have hands-down the best litigation team in Singapore. If I needed to recommend a client to a litigation team in Singapore other than my own firm, I'd recommend Drew & Napier. I think they have good lead partners, lots of experience and a good mid tier as well. The quality is good across the levels because they train them well."

"They are exceptionally bright and engaging, and prepared to tailor advice to our specific needs."

"What I appreciated about Drew & Napier is that they were quick at delivering work"

They were very responsive and able to get back to us quickly."

"They are THE litigation firm in Singapore."

"Drew & Napier is our first choice for this work."

"It is an outstanding litigation firm. Not only have they demonstrated their advocacy prowess, and their know-how from a civil procedure standpoint, they also have strong ability to understand the internal workings of the clients"

"quality services and sensible, practical advice"

"clear strategies on how to secure your objectives."

asialaw Profiles

Dispute Resolution 2023 – Outstanding firm for 13 consecutive years

“They have a dedicated and experienced professional team that creates a successful outcome.” 


“They go a long way to understand the nuances of the business which gives them the edge in any kind of dispute resolution process.”

“Great legal advice and extremely responsive. They think around issues and provide answers which are not obvious to their peers. The team is very personable.” 

“Sincere and very responsive.” 

“We value Drew & Napier’s experience, depth of both legal and commercial knowledge, and understanding of a client’s needs and wants. How it utilises all of these attributes to aggressively yet reasonably pursues the client’s interests is class-leading. Hence it has a stellar and fearsome reputation amongst its peers and the courts, giving its clients an advantage.” 

“Reliable and efficient.” 

“Prompt responses, very practical and commercial advice.” 

“They provide timely, commercially useful and clear advice. They are also very user-friendly, and are proactive in proposing solutions that are creative and strategic in nature. They know arbitration and court work well. They are also very professional, polished, and give a very high quality of service.” 

“Excellent advocates that obtained great results.” 

“Able to provide insights to the issue and propose next steps and attached consequences, including providing legal obligations arising from the claims.” 

“Quick to act, knowledgeable and compassionate.” 

“Attentive, responsive, diligent, accurate and resourceful.” 

“Very hands-on and smart.” 

“They are thorough, balanced in risk assessment, hard-working, persistent and results-driven.” 

“It is a comprehensive full-service firm with depth of expertise in a range of critical areas that are indispensable for our day-to-day operations, whether during a growth cycle or a downward trend, such as construction, corporate, insolvency and restructuring, security of payment matters and dispute resolution.

“Consistently high level of effectiveness, professional and well organised.” 

“Excellent teamwork and positive thinking.” 

“They go deep into the root of the problems. They can engage linear and lateral thinking, and have good knowledge of laws. They have good people skills, preparing clients and witnesses well before trials.” 

“Very good knowledge of the law, markets in Asia , cultures and mentalities, very service-oriented and competent.” 

“Knowledge and professionalism.” 

“Well regarded in Singapore, sound commercial advice.” 

“They have represented us in dispute resolution and have a very professional team.” 

“They exercise professionalism in providing advisory services in corporate contracts and dispute resolution.” 

“Drew & Napier provide sound advice that is practical and well researched on the law. Their counsel prepare meticulously for court hearings and have a thorough knowledge of the court documents.” 

“They are reliable and responsive, and thorough in reviewing documents and evidence, and work in a timely manner, seeking instructions and making recommendations where helpful. They also cross-examine witnesses effectively and expose discrepancies and untruths told in court.” 

“Drew & Napier was highly professional throughout the engagement and was very responsive as and when we sought advice during the course of the arbitration. We felt that we got value for money based on the service that they provided. In essence, the team that we worked with was very attentive to our needs and provided legal advice that was spot on.” 

“Efficient and effective.” 

“Proactive and very attentive to client's needs.”

“Professional and tenacious. Creative in generating results.”

“Technically sound and commercial. Advice is supported by sound legal basis.”

“Responsive, knowledgeable, good quality of advice.”

“It helped us defend ourselves and is really hard working. The lawyers can answer our questions anytime.”
“Professional, responsive, high level of competence.”

“Integrity and delivers professionalism objectively, enabling us to call for the right decision based on careful thoughts and views.”

“Swift and apposite communications. On point advice. Strong positioning for client confidence.”

“Extremely competent, comprehensive and efficient. Advice is always well considered before being presented to the client, even when requested off-the-cuff. The team is focused, diligent and, more importantly, alive to commercial considerations. A joy to work with!”

“Good advice on strategy on how to resolve the dispute. Very professional, responsive.”

“It has a strong Asian team with good Knowledge of laws in Asia and especially in India and China.”

“Personable, responsive, pragmatic, transparent, strategic.”

“Professional, committed good resources, good advice. Strong leadership from leading counsel, on time, able to anticipate issues. Putting the client first.”

“Professional conduct, knowledge, empathy, sincere honest advice.”

“It has a positive culture with good oral and written communication skills. The lawyers are good listeners which encourage all to maintain a positive outlook.”

“It is the premier, go-to, disputes firm.”

“Its people. Staff have been well recruited and know the matter at hand inside and out delivering first-class advocacy.”

“Responsiveness of the lawyers. Overall legal strategy. Looking after the client's interests in managing costs and the overall strategy, even if it means less legal costs.”

“Drew & Napier is one of the premier dispute resolution firms in Singapore and is our go-to firm for complex and high stakes disputes. It also provides excellent client service and is particularly attentive to the needs of clients. The firm was available to us 24/7 and we were impressed by the quality of its advice.”

“Responded promptly, work quality was good and it was conversant in Mandarin when needed.”

“In Singapore litigation, it is the best of the best.” 
“Keen attention to detail, comprehensive knowledge of evidence at trial and a thorough grasp on preceding interlocutory applications including notes of evidence prepared by the court.”

“Excellent practical advice. The particular highlights are: consistent ability to meet tight deadlines; written advice contains a short summary of position on key points; willing to give a clear assessment of the likelihood of success of each argument.”

“The team delivers advice which reflects a deft balance between technical proficiency and commercial sensibilities. They are diligent and thorough, able to quickly pick up a solid understanding of technical industry matters, and very responsive.”

asialaw Leading Lawyers
Dispute Resolution 2023
Recommended Individuals:
Jimmy Yim, SC – Elite Practitioner (7 consecutive years)
Cavinder Bull, SC – Elite Practitioner (6 consecutive years)
Siraj Omar, SC – Distinguished Practitioner (4 consecutive years)
Randolph Khoo – Distinguished Practitioner
Wendell Wong – Distinguished Practitioner
Benedict Teo – Distinguished Practitioner
Mahesh Rai – Rising Star
Rakesh Kirpalani – Distinguished Practitioner

Asian Legal Business Super 50 Disputes Lawyers 
Top 50 disputes lawyers in the region:
Jimmy Yim, SC - 2021
Blossom Hing - 2021
Foo Yuet Min - 2022
Mahesh Rai - 2021 and 2022
Rakesh Kirpalani – 2022
Adam Maniam - 2022
Daniel Cai - 2021

Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific 2023 edition
Commercial and Transactions – Tier 1 for 6 consecutive years

Identified as Litigation Stars:Jimmy Yim, SC – International Arbitration, Commercial and Transactions (6 consecutive years)
Cavinder Bull, SC – International Arbitration, Commercial and Transactions (6 consecutive years)
Sushil Nair – Insolvency (6 consecutive years)
Randolph Khoo – Commercial and Transactions (5 consecutive years), Private Client (2 consecutive years)
Siraj Omar, SC – Commercial and Transactions (4 consecutive years)
Tony Yeo – Intellectual Property (5 consecutive years)
Kelvin Tan – Labour and employment (2 consecutive years)
Wendell Wong – White Collar Crime (5 consecutive years)
Blossom Hing – Insolvency (6 consecutive years)
Christopher Chong – Construction (4 consecutive years)
Gary Low – White Collar Crime, Commercial and Transactions (5 consecutive years)
Chia Voon Jiet – White Collar Crime

Identified as Future Stars:Benedict Teo – Commercial and Transactions (2 consecutive years)
Yuet Min Foo – International Arbitration
Gerui Lim – Commercial and Transactions
Mahesh Rai – Construction (2 consecutive years)
Rakesh Kirpalani – Commercial and Transactions
Meryl Koh – Intellectual Property(2 consecutive years)
Kelvin Teo - Construction
Hoon Shu Mei – Family and matrimonial (2 consecutive years)
Mohan Gopalan – Insolvency (5 consecutive years)

“Firm excels at complex litigation with difficult issues.” (2023 edition)

“They provide exceptional legal and commercial advice. They are able to provide us with the best solutions in the context of our commercial constraints.” (2023 edition)

“Its lawyers' relationships with clients, legal and commercial knowledge, and litigation experience is among the best in Singapore.” (2023 edition)

“Thorough legal analysis and great advice on options available.” (2023 edition)

“They are tactical and focus on the main point.” (2023 edition)

“Drew & Napier masters the detail of complex projects and the impact of change and performance on the progress and completion of the works, whilst clearly distilling and presenting compelling arguments in support of the developed case theory.” (2023 edition)

“The lawyers provide excellent legal advice and understand the key issues quickly. Their team is very attentive and responsive.” (2023 edition)

“The firm is prompt and responsive, business focused and solutions oriented.” (2022 edition)

“Timely response, professional and prudent advice.” (2022 edition)

“They do litigation very well!” (2022 edition)

“Well experienced in the area and client-oriented service.” (2022 edition)

“They successfully defended our arbitral award.” (2022 edition)

“The lawyers are resourceful and well prepared. Although our schedule was tight, they were able to deliver and meet the bar in terms of my expectations.” (2022 edition)

“Drew & Napier have top tier dispute resolution practitioners. They are experienced in running complex high stakes international arbitration matters across a broad range of sectors.” (2021 edition)

“Thoroughly researches the law in the background of facts and contentions and analyses the implications and possibilities and uses a middle approach in advising.” (2021 edition)

“Progressive and commercial-minded advice, given the novelty of the digital solution usage in the insurance industry.” (2021 edition)

Who’s Who Legal

Thought Leaders Guide: Commercial Litigation 2022:
Cavinder Bull SC – Thought Leader (4 consecutive years)
Jimmy Yim, SC – Thought Leader

Thought Leaders Global Elite Guide: Commercial Litigation 2022:
Cavinder Bull, SC – Global Elite Thought Leader (2 consecutive years)

Global Guide: Commercial Litigation 2022:
Cavinder Bull, SC – Recommended Lawyer (13 consecutive years)
Jimmy Yim, SC – Recommended Lawyer (3 consecutive years)
Siraj Omar, SC – Recommended Lawyer (2 consecutive years)

Global Guide: Commercial Litigation Future Leaders 2022:
Adam Maniam  (2 consecutive years)

National Guide: Southeast Asia - Litigation Recommended Lawyer 2022:
Jimmy Yim, SC  (2 consecutive years)
Cavinder Bull, SC  (2 consecutive years)
Siraj Omar, SC  (2 consecutive years)
Foo Yuet Min  (2 consecutive years)
Adam Maniam  (2 consecutive years)

Best Lawyers International: Singapore (2023 edition)
Recommended Individuals:
Arbitration & Mediation
Jimmy Yim, SC (13 consecutive years)
Cavinder Bull, SC (10 consecutive years)
Siraj Omar, SC (3 consecutive years)
Randolph Khoo (10 consecutive years)
Kelvin Tan (4 consecutive years)
Chia Voon Jiet (3 consecutive years)

Bet-the-Company Litigation
Cavinder Bull, SC (6 consecutive years)

Jimmy Yim, SC (15 consecutive years)
Cavinder Bull, SC (13 consecutive years)
Siraj Omar, SC
Randolph Khoo
Tony Yeo
Blossom Hing (10 consecutive years)
Gary Low
Foo Yuet Min (2 consecutive years)
Paras Lalwani (2 consecutive years)

India Business Law Journal
In the August 2020 issue of India Business Law Journal (IBLJ), a client who used the firm for a complex litigation involving India, Mauritius, and Singapore law, described its services as “outstanding and seamless”. Peers said that the firm’s lawyers “are extremely industrious and understand the practicalities, nuances and challenges of dealing with the Indian market”, and that firm offers “exceptional service” on both contentious and non-contentious matters.

Managing Director Jimmy Yim SC and Director Foo Yuet Min are “highly recommended”, according to market feedback. Peers appreciate Director Mahesh Rai’s proficiency and knowledge of Indian legal matters. CEO Cavinder Bull SC is lauded for being “spectacular and in a very elite league”.

In IBLJ’s 2018 issue, a client praised Drew as “very professional, works under minimal guidance and is very smooth on timelines”; Jimmy Yim SC was recommended by his client as someone whose “experience, knowledge and strategy is supreme and unparalleled”.

The Straits Times – Singapore’s Best Law Firms 2023
Rated full marks (5 stars) for for Arbitration, Mediation & Dispute Resolution in the Singapore’s Best Law Firms 2023 survey by Singapore’s largest circulating broadsheet, The Straits Times, and international research company, Statista for 3 consecutive years

Asia IP Experts
IP Litigation 2016

Endorsed Individuals:
Jimmy Yim, SC
Cavinder Bull, SC

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