Drew Data Protection & Cybersecurity Academy

Our goal is to help organisations develop their organisational strategies, governance mechanisms and human resource capabilities to leverage new technologies and meet their data and cyber obligations in order to achieve their business objectives. Building on and complementing the experience and expertise of Drew & Napier's Data Protection, Privacy & Cybersecurity practice, and Artificial Intelligence & Digital Trust practice, our team includes experienced legal and technology practitioners who speak the language of global business.

Workplace Learning and Customised Courses

We offer a range of workplace learning solutions and courses in data protection, cybersecurity, data governance and other areas taught by experienced practitioners and leaders in these fields.

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Data Protection Consulting and Trustmarks

We advise organisations on the development and implementation of organisational strategies, structures, policies and processes for the protection of personal data. This may include advising on the set up and management of their DPO office, capability development, development of the organisation’s data protection policies, conduct of data inventories and data protection impact assessments (DPIAs), protection of personal data and response to data breaches, amongst other areas.

We also advise businesses on the development of measures, policies, and processes to mitigate the risk of data breaches and to manage the impact of a data breach. This may include sourcing and managing other services providers that may be required for an organisation to respond effectively to a data breach.

Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services

For organisations that require dedicated support in relation to their DPO function, we offer a range of outsourced DPO services including acting as an organisation’s DPO and assisting with management of their data protection matters. These services are typically offered in conjunction with other DP-related services, such review/development of data protection policies and provision of training (including PDPA awareness training).


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