Asset Recovery

The process of tracing, evidence gathering, freezing, confiscating and returning assets that are wrongfully taken is often complex and time consuming. Perpetrators of fraud employ increasingly sophisticated schemes to steal and hide misappropriated assets across borders. Swift action must be taken to recover these assets before they are out of reach.  We have the capabilities and expertise to assist our clients to carry out these processes and achieve their objectives.

Drew & Napier’s Asset Recovery and Investigations teams work seamlessly to provide quick and efficient solutions for our clients. We are familiar with the authorities, law enforcement agencies, regulators and regulations such as the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act (“MACMA”), to help our clients navigate these technical or legal barriers and deal with related complex issues.

We work with international law firms, accountants, regulators and tax authorities to coordinate high value, global asset recovery exercises that are multi-jurisdictional in nature and require a well-established network of international contacts to achieve success. 

We are experienced in asset recovery work across a variety of industries, including banking and finance, insurance, technology, oil & gas and commodities. 

Our expertise in Asset Recovery spans:

  • Anton Piller “search and seize” orders
  • Mareva “freezing” injunctions
  • Tracing, freezing and recovering stolen or misappropriated assets
  • Obtaining cross-border recognition and enforcement of injunctions
  • Third party disclosure orders
  • Obtaining evidence overseas
  • Committal proceedings
  • Forensic investigations relating to corporate or public corruption
  • Suspicious Transaction Reporting (STR)

We tap on our strengths in cross-border litigation, international arbitration, enforcement of judgments or awards and restructuring/insolvency to offer timely and effective advice to our clients on asset recovery.

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