International Trade

Drew & Napier provides the highest calibre of representation for clients involved in international trade disputes. We have wide-ranging experience creating swift and effective solutions to cross-border trade challenges.

Drawing on the strength and expertise of our country desks, our International Trade Dispute Resolution Practice resolves disputes in the most effective manner. We are equally capable in negotiation, enquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, and judicial settlement. When necessary, we turn to international courts.

Our experience in resolving international trade disputes has grown on the back of Singapore’s unique, strategic location and its open legal system, local knowledge, and global excellence.

Practice areas

International Arbitration

There is a growing need for international arbitration. Our highly competent and experienced arbitration team delivers a first rate service, providing clients with world-class representation at arbitral proceedings.

Commercial Litigation

Our highly regarded team of commercial litigators has a strong track record of managing the complexities of multi-jurisdictional disputes and conflict of laws situations. We use sound litigation strategies to provide reliable and professional representation.

Country Desks – Greater ChinaIndia and Indonesia

Our specialist country teams provide us with the expertise to resolve disputes involving multiple countries across Asia. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer tailor-made solutions to challenges arising from markets in the region.

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