The Legal 500 Country Comparative Guide to White Collar Crime (Singapore) 2023 by Drew & Napier LLC

26 Sep 2023

Director Gary Low and team, consisting of Director Terence Tan and Senior Associate Zachary Tong, co-authored the 2023 edition of The Legal 500 Country Comparative Legal Guide to White Collar Crime (Singapore).
The chapter provides an overview of white collar crime in Singapore and discusses the key financial crime offences applicable to companies and their directors and officers, the governing laws and regulations, commonly prosecuted offences, the plea bargaining process, as well as extraterritoriality and mutual legal assistance in cross-border or international crime.
The chapter also discusses legal professional privilege in the context of evidence seizure, rights of companies and individuals relating to privacy and data protection during a financial crime investigation, the powers of the authorities to seize evidence and conduct interviews, the rights that an interviewer may have when called to assist with investigations, and the factors which may be considered by prosecuting authorities when deciding whether to proceed with charges for a criminal offence, among other topics.
You may read the full chapter here.

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