Environmental, Social & Governance

Drew & Napier’s Environmental, Social & Governance (“ESG”) practice group encompasses a multi-disciplinary team of experienced practitioners dedicated to providing holistic legal expertise to support our clients’ fast-evolving and complex ESG needs.

We understand the rapidly growing importance of ESG and the impact of evolving legal requirements on our clients’ businesses, be it addressing regulatory concerns, advising on legal issues, or working with our clients with ESG considerations or ESG industries in mind, we are your trusted advisors for ESG concerns.

Drawing from our extensive experience in a wide range of legal services, including regulatory compliance, transactional expertise in banking & finance, corporate/mergers and acquisitions, litigation, competition, energy & natural resources, restructuring and capital markets, green technology, intellectual property, and digital assets, our ESG practice group is well-equipped to handle the multi-disciplinary ESG challenges faced by our clients.

We also work closely with industry experts and consultants to continually expand our expertise and symbiotically provide our clients with the most up-to-date market information and data.

Our ESG Commitments

As a firm, we recognise the importance of doing our part to contribute to the sustainability of our environment and we strive to continually improve our efforts in sustainability and environmentally driven practices.  Drew & Napier is also committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance in all its dealings.

Our key ESG Capabilities

  • Investment / Financing: Green financing, green bonds, environmental due diligence, mergers & acquisitions in sustainable industries, impact investments, government schemes/incentives relating to green economy 

  • Construction & Engineering: Green construction & projects, green infrastructure projects, sustainable real estate

  • Investigation & Disputes: Investigations into complaints or disputes over ESG related issues, business and human rights compliance

  • Energy & Natural Resources: Investments in renewal energy, licensing/regulatory requirements for renewable energy, carbon emissions, carbon trading

  • Regulatory: Health and safety regulatory advice, corporate governance, employment and labour advice, sustainability reporting, sustainable healthcare & life sciences advice

  • AML & Counter terrorism: Anti-bribery, corruption, AML & Counter terrorism financing

  • Litigation & Arbitration: Multi-jurisdictional disputes and arbitration involving projects, contracts and deals relating to green solutions and natural resources

  • Intellectual Property / Green Technology: Portfolio management, enforcement and monetizing intellectual property of digital assets and sustainable solutions across various industries and technologies, managing and prosecuting trademarks pertaining to carbon brokerage services, carbon trading schemes and carbon offsetting

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