The legal problems of tomorrow cannot be solved with the tools of yesterday. Increasingly voluminous documents driven by the use of technology and more sophisticated adversaries mean that more time needs to be spent threshing through the chaff.

DrewTech offers a comprehensive suite of modern, secure, and reliable technological solutions, supported by the years of altogether exceptional service you have come to expect from Drew & Napier LLC.

Service Offered

Forensic Data Collection

As more data is being stored on electronic platforms, the risk of exfiltration, hacking, data loss, and other online threats is greater than ever before.

DrewTech offers a full toolkit of solutions for any client investigating cyber-incidents, ranging from the prosaic disgruntled employee who is suspected of taking confidential data to intensive, deep dive recovery of deleted data.

Electronic Discovery and Document Review Platforms

Litigation is ever more contentious and ever more complex, and the documents you have can span decades, multiple languages, and jurisdictions. The other counterparties to the matter, whether it is a deal or a lawsuit, is also likely to have just as many documents for you.

DrewTech leverages technology to seamlessly and securely store, translate, and allow intensive review to ensure that your interests are fully protected.

What we have achieved

  • A client’s employee was accused of misconduct by a customer, which the employee strenuously denied. To assuage the concerns of all involved, DrewTech was engaged to perform a forensic analysis on the employee’s personal device. DrewTech was able to efficiently, expediently, and effectively extract and filter the contents of said personal device at the client’s premises, while maintaining the privacy of the employee’s personal data, allowing the matter to be resolved without excess acrimony.

  • A client had an investment dispute with a business cum personal associate, and their communications were widely distributed across email, messaging apps, and documents on various electronic devices. DrewTech was able to extract, filter, and sort only the most relevant documents for deep-dive review without needing the client to spend days sifting through years of documents.


“DrewTech was expedient in meeting with its clients to help with investigation of an issue at hand. They were patient and provided sound legal and technical advice on the matter.”

Chambers Asia-Pacific 2021

“Everyone we interacted with understands the issues from a commercial point of view.”

“Particularly good in analysing the various legal options available.”

“What we found that was very impressive is that they were able to get back to us on almost all issues we had in a very short period of time.”

Asia-Pacific Legal 500 2021

“Client perspective is what makes this practice unique. The team that works with us at Drew & Napier is well versed with the law but always keeps their legal expertise in the background. Instead, what we keep receiving are business solutions with a sound legal judgement already instilled in them. Business solutions that show a true understanding of what we, as clients, want to achieve.”

“For an international conglomerate operating subsidiaries in Singapore, we need (and expect) that practitioners have an international perspective and at the same time is in tune with the local pulse and practices. Excellent legal work aside, the Drew & Napier team excels in bringing in-depth local on-the-ground knowledge to the table, conveyed in a matter that an international client would readily understand and appreciate. Their knowledge, responsiveness, and efficiency in matters, is something that other firms can only aspire to.”

Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific 2021

“Progressive and commercial-minded advice, given the novelty of the digital solution usage in the insurance industry.”

“Commercial-minded, practical legal solutions. Keen understanding of clients' business needs and challenges. Thorough analysis and balanced judgment on novel issues, including useful comparisons with legal reform efforts in other common law jurisdictions.”

IFLR 1000 2022

“Proactive and detail-oriented. Balances legal and commercial points. Good handling of counterparty legal adviser.”

“Responsive, knowledgeable, able to provide strategic advice, good client relationship management, reasonable degree of flexibility in terms of fees.”

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