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Drew & Napier's Competition Law & Regulatory Practice, established in 1999, is the oldest and largest dedicated competition law practice in Singapore.

The Competition Law Practice Group, co-headed by Cavinder Bull, SCLim Chong Kin and Dr Corinne Chew, comprises an experienced and highly qualified team which handles competition and regulatory matters both generally under the Competition Act as well as in the carved-out sectors such as telecommunications, media, energy and post. Dr Corinne Chew holds a PhD in competition law and policy and has a decade of experience in all areas of competition law and regulatory practice.

We are consistently recognised as the leading competition law practice in Singapore and are the preferred counsel of local companies, multi-national corporations, associations and government bodies for competition matters in Singapore and other ASEAN member countries.

We filed the first merger notification as well as the most number of notifications for decision relating to agreements and conduct under the Competition Act. We also successfully led appeals to the Competition Appeal Board (CAB).

Since 1999, we have worked on every noteworthy competition law-related matter in the telecommunications, media and postal sectors. We are the only practice in Singapore that is regularly commissioned by the competition regulators to undertake market studies.

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Chambers Asia-Pacific
Competition/Antitrust 2024  Band 2; Band 1 practice for 9 consecutive years (2014 - 2022)

Leading Individuals:
Competition/Antitrust 2024
Lim Chong Kin
Corinne Chew

Dispute Resolution: Litigation and Arbitration 2024
Cavinder Bull, SC

"one of the best lawyers I have worked with globally."

"demonstrating a strong understanding of the law and commitment to bring about best outcomes"

"responsive" and provide advice which is "commercially sound"

"listens to its clients and will go the extra mile, offering commercial and practical views."

“in-depth expertise across different areas of competition law, such as corporate, litigation and regulatory.”

"very sharp analysis"

"provides practical and commercially oriented advice"  

"excellent client service and commercial awareness" 

"They have very broad experience in competition law and regulatory matters - it really is a very impressive outfit."

"An absolutely excellent practice, with a team of extremely able competition lawyers."

"Extraordinarily talented and extraordinarily hard-working - they are a delight to work with."

"They are very plugged into the thinking of the commission."

"The best of the best, both professionally and culturally."

"They are able to look at the issues from a business angle and propose workable solutions."

"They made great efforts to understand our business and made their advice very accessible."

"They were prompt, proactive and customer-oriented."

"Provides practical solutions to unlock opportunities in the business, rather than risk-averse legal advice."

"Very knowledgeable in this area. They have been involved in a very significant percentage of all the cases undertaken so far by the CCS."

The Asia Pacific Legal 500
Antitrust and Competition 2024 - Tier 1 practice for 8 consecutive years

Leading Individuals:
Antitrust and Competition 2024
Lim Chong Kin
Corinne Chew

Recommended Lawyer:
Antitrust and Competition 2024
Cavinder Bull, SC
Chia Voon Jiet

"The team’s experience extends to all areas of competition law practice, including assisting clients with CCCS investigations."

"Corinne Chew offers balanced and deep professional knowledge with understanding and empathy for commercial imperatives. She is across all of the detail in a matter with style and class."

"Dr. Corinne Chew is extremely competent with her profound knowledge. We really appreciate her prompt attentiveness and her expertise. Corinne always gives us the assuring feeling to be in good hands."

"The D&N team are one of the most responsive antitrust teams we have come across. They offer practical insights into the workings of the CCCS and sensible commercial advice. They are our go-to counsel for Singapore competition advice."

"The team is very responsive and provides commercial and practical legal advice."

"Diversity, practicality of advice, responsiveness."

"Corinne Chew is an absolute stand-out for us. Her availability and engagement is second to none. A pleasure to work with and always across all the relevant issues and likely responses from the CCCS and market."

Lim Chong Kin is "responsive and practical".

"Corinne Chew is the brains behind the practice. Unassuming but always able to read the situation well and produce great outcomes. Genuinely cares and fights the clients’ case."

Chia Voon Jiet "is very knowledgeable in his field of expertise".

"They offer very pragmatic and practical advice."

"The ‘excellent’ team at Drew & Napier LLC provides a ‘terrific’ service in matters ranging from merger control, notifications and reviews to investigations and compliance support. Lim Chong Kin and Corinne Chew have ‘excellent legal knowledge and in-depth understanding of the regulator’. The team also includes ‘superb litigator’ Cavinder Bull SC...."

The 'extraordinarily responsive' team at Drew & Napier LLC stands out for its 'strong relationships with the competition agency in Singapore' and its 'always hands-on and practical advice - the team can cover the full range from simple merger filing questions to complex economic analysis'.

"Lim Chong Kin and Corinne Chew are 'fantastic' and 'deserve strong recognition for their client focus'."

"Bull is 'highly commended for his experience' guiding clients through investigations by Singaporean and foreign competition regulators."

Global Competition Review
Recognises Drew & Napier as an “Elite” law practice with an “excellent antitrust team”.

Asian-MENA Counsel In-House Community Firm of the Year 
Singapore Anti-Trust/Competition Firm of the Year 2016 

asialaw Profiles
Competition & Antitrust 2023 - Outstanding practice for 5 consecutive years; Highly Recommended for 5 consecutive years

“DN has strong, in-depth knowledge of competition law and is able to provide practical advice in a timely manner.” 

“Profound expertise, swift responses, and regularly updates clients through newsletters.” 

“Drew and Napier were able to understand rapidly our business and the issues at stake, develop together in a very professional manner our strategy and tactics to raise our claim in the competition case and defend ourselves in the counter claim. The firm did go in very detailed groundwork and analysis of all components of the case and evidence to define our position in both cases.

asialaw Leading Lawyers
Competition/Antitrust 2023
Lim Chong Kin - Elite Practitioner for 3 consecutive years
​Corinne Chew – Notable Practitioner for 3 consecutive years

Competition/Antitrust 2018-2019
Lim Chong Kin - Market Leading Lawyer for 2 consecutive years

The Guide to the World's Leading Competition & Antitrust Lawyers/ Economists 
Leading Individuals
Competition law 2010 (9th ed), 2012 (10th ed), 2014 (11th ed), 2016 (12th ed)
Cavinder Bull, SC
Lim Chong Kin

Who's Who Legal 
Lim Chong Kin
Global Guide: Competition 2023 – Recommended Lawyer for 5 consecutive years
National Guide: Southeast Asia – Competition 2023 – Recommended Lawyer for 3 consecutive years

Cavinder Bull, SC
Competition 2014 (listed for 3 consecutive years)

Corinne Chew
Global Guide: Competition 2023 – Recommended Lawyer for 3 consecutive years
National Guide: Southeast Asia – Competition 2023 – Recommended Lawyer for 3 consecutive years
Competition – Future Leaders (2018 – 2020)

Best Lawyers International: Singapore 
Leading Lawyers
Competition/Antitrust Lawyers 2025
Cavinder Bull, SC 
Lim Chong Kin 
Corinne Chew 

Competition/Antitrust Lawyer of the Year 2024 - Corinne Chew
Competition/Antitrust Lawyer of the Year 2018 - Cavinder Bull, SC

Practical Law Company Which Lawyer? 
Competition/Antitrust 2011/2012 – Highly Recommended practice

Endorsed Individuals:
Competition/Antitrust 2011/2012
Cavinder Bull, SC
Lim Chong Kin

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