Family & International Personal Relationships

Drew & Napier has a team of distinguished and capable lawyers running our Family and International Personal Relationships Practice.

Family and matrimonial matters require careful and sensitive handling, calling for discretion and judgment. Inter-personal disputes that cross national boundaries also demand strategic and thoughtful management.

Our lawyers are experienced in handling delicate family and inter-personal matters, often involving substantial stakes and interests.

Practice Areas  

Family Law

Our family law practitioners are experienced in providing specialist solutions for all family and inter-personal relationship disputes. Our experience can be gauged by our involvement in a number of landmark reported decisions from our courts. A defining feature of our practice is the diligence, tact, and professionalism with which we handle intricate and demanding legal situations.

Divorce, Judicial Separation and Annulment

We help our clients navigate through the complexities of establishing the most appropriate jurisdictional and legal grounds for divorce, separation or annulment proceedings. We also advise on and execute optimal solutions for issues related to children and finances that are connected to such proceedings.

Family Assets, Maintenance and Child Support Disputes

A financial dimension exists in divorce and separation proceedings as well as in standalone children and inter-personal relationship cases outside of marriage. We offer sound guidance and innovative support in achieving negotiated and contested solutions to disputes involving maintenance and all manner of property and assets.

Custody and Guardianship

Our lawyers are well-versed in handling custody and guardianship applications in both contentious and non-contentious situations. In high conflict cases, we ensure that the interests of both the children and our client are protected. We also undertake sophisticated cross-border cases that involve child relocation disputes and child abduction.

International Relationships Disputes

We offer timely and well thought out legal approaches to cases with an international dimension. We handle complicated multi-jurisdictional disputes in collaboration with foreign counsel where necessary, to ensure that the interests of our clients and their children in every jurisdiction are safeguarded. Our lawyers are also well-versed on the full range of relevant international jurisdictional and conflict of laws disputes and remedies.

Family Finance & Asset Protection Planning

We provide expert advice in drafting pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and separation deeds. We act in negotiations to arrive at mutually acceptable agreements. Our lawyers are also conversant in handling disputes arising from such deeds and agreements.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is sometimes an unfortunate adjunct to family disputes. We advise clients of their rights and assist them in obtaining protection and redress where necessary. Our lawyers also provide representation for clients who are faced with domestic violence applications.


We advise on adoption procedures and liaise with the relevant authorities for necessary approval, as well as make court applications for the adoption process.


Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific 2019 edition
Family and Matrimonial – Tier 3

Identified as Dispute Resolution Star for Family and Matrimonial – Randolph Khoo

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