Davinder Singh, SC appointed Vice-Chairman of an ICC Commission

11 Feb 2016

Drew & Napier CEO Davinder Singh SC has been appointed Vice-Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Commission on Corporate Responsibility & Anti-corruption. The appointment was effective from 14 December 2015.

He is the only Singaporean lawyer to be appointed to the leadership of one of 13 Policy Commissions under the ICC.

The ICC Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption is a leading global private sector body that develops rules of conduct, best practices and advocacy for fighting corruption and for corporate responsibility. ICC has been a pioneer in the business fight against corruption, issuing its first version of the ICC Rules of Conduct to combat Extortion and Bribery in 1977.

The Commission brings together over 300 members from 40 countries, representing multinational companies, law firms, trade associations, and small and medium-sized enterprises.