Global Legal Insights: Cartels 2023 Singapore chapter co-authored by Co-Heads of Competition Law & Regulatory Practice Lim Chong Kin and Dr Corinne Chew

15 May 2023

Competition Law & Regulatory Practice Co-Heads Lim Chong Kin and Dr Corinne Chew co-authored the Singapore chapter of Global Legal Insights: Cartels 2023.

The Chapter provides an overview of the law and enforcement regime relating to cartels, key issues in relation to enforcement policy and investigations, amongst others.

To read the chapter, please click here.

Reproduced with permission from Global Legal Group Ltd. This article was first published in Global Legal Insights: Cartels 2023, (published in April 2023; contributing editors: Euan Burrows & Denis Fosselard of Ashurst LLP). For further information, please visit Global Legal Group's website.

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