Director Meryl Koh contributed to Asia IP cover story on enforcing trademark rights

13 Aug 2020

Director Meryl Koh shared her views on significant trademark enforcement law and regulation changes in Asia IP’s latest cover story. She penned an overview of these changes in Singapore’s IP regime, spanning the last 12 months. Two key changes topped her list: the enactment of the IP (Dispute Resolution) Act 2019 (“IPDRA”) and the partial commencement of the IP (Border Enforcement) Act 2018 (“IPBEA”).

One of the key changes in Singapore’s IP regime was the enactment of the IPDRA, which was passed on 5 August 2019. Meryl was quoted saying, “2019 saw important changes to the dispute resolution mechanism and cross border enforcement measures, along with numerous fruitful developments in case law. Two key objectives of the IPDRA are to ensure cost-effective resolution of IP disputes and to strengthen Singapore’s position as a choice venue for the arbitration of international IP disputes.”

The other notable change Meryl highlighted was the partial commencement of the IPBEA on 21 November 2019. She elaborated that trademark proprietors now have a right to apply to customs for the seizure of suspected infringing goods imported into and exported out of Singapore.

You may click here to read the full article that appears on Asia IP.

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