Director Yvonne Tang quoted in Asia IP article on interior design and intellectual property (IP)

15 Mar 2024

In a recent article titled “An Inside Look at Interior Design and IP" published by Asia IP, Director Yvonne Tang shared her expertise on the intricate intersection of interior design and IP.

According to Yvonne, cases of IP infringement in the interior design space in Singapore are few and far between. “It may be that cases are settled before they reach the courts. It may also be that many interior design companies are SMEs which lack the knowledge and/or resources to pursue infringement of IP”.
Yvonne also points out that copyright infringement is likely to be the most common form of IP infringement. With interior designers often sharing their copyrighted works on social media platforms, there is a constant risk of copying. Where the designs pertain to private homes, the private nature means that the copyright infringement may simply go undetected.  
When discussing methods for interior designers and interior design companies to protect their IP, Yvonne stressed that education about intellectual property rights is key. “Many stakeholders are not aware of the existence of IP rights or the extent of the same in the interior design industry. It is critical that interior designers themselves have knowledge of the types of IP rights surrounding their business and then take steps to protect them”.
You may click here to read the full article that appears on Asia IP.

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