Director Yvonne Tang quoted in Asia IP article on issues surrounding setting up of 5G networks

03 Oct 2019

Director Yvonne Tang shared her thoughts with Asia IP on how setting fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms for Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) may be slowing the process of setting up 5G networks in Asia.

She was quoted saying, "The challenge is in ensuring and maintaining a harmonious framework that continues to properly reward and incentivise companies to develop SEPs, promotes the important cooperation between these parties to ensure development of these standards, and also allows users to use these standards on reasonable terms."

Yvonne explained how Singapore’s IP law and Competition Law may come into conflict when agreements or conduct relating to IP turn out to be anti-competitive, and how the Competition and Consumer Commission Singapore (CCCS) has issued Guidelines on the Treatment of IP Rights in Competition Cases. She also elaborated on the significance of guidelines for assessing IP licensing agreements.
Click here to read the full article that appears on p.15 of the June-July issue of Asia IP.

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