Director Randolph Khoo quoted in ALB China article on Singapore as the latest destination for Chinese tech giants and law firms in their overseas expansion

26 Aug 2021

In an interview with ALB China, Director Randolph Khoo weighed in on Singapore’s growing popularity as the go-to destination for Chinese tech giants and law firms in their overseas expansion.

Randolph shared that Singapore’s political stability, absence of corruption, competitive commercial laws and institutions and neutrality are attractive factors for international companies looking to set foot into Singapore. He also remarked that with Singapore’s bilingual language policy, Singapore has produced a well-educated and highly skilled workforce that can bridge communications divides. “Singapore has evolved into an effective gateway between China and the West,” he added.

And with the growing presence of Chinese Internet and technology companies in Singapore, Randolph said that the situation “undoubtedly provides more opportunities” for PRC law firms as they also make their way into the city-state. “It is a natural development that Chinese law firms are expanding their presence in Singapore to serve the growing legal needs of Chinese businesses expanding into the region,” he commented.

Support that these companies need include “advising on market entry, info communications regulation, competition and compliance, public listings, joint ventures, investment and financing agreements and acquisitions, which are likely to be within the needs of such businesses,” he shared.

You may read the full report, published in English and Chinese, on p.4 to 7 in the August issue of ALB China magazine here.

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