Director Lim Siau Wen quoted in Asia IP article on secondary meaning in trademarks

12 Sep 2023

Director Lim Siau Wen was quoted in an Asia IP article titled, "Has your mark acquired a secondary meaning?", where she shared valuable insights into the concept of secondary meaning in trademark law and its significance in trademark registration and protection across various jurisdictions.

Siau Wen explains that to determine if a mark has acquired secondary meaning, it must be shown that consumers perceive the goods or services in question as emanating from a particular trader. This is typically demonstrated through significant use or promotion of the mark in the relevant jurisdiction.

Siau Wen also pointed out that under the relevant Singapore legislation, a trademark must be distinctive before it qualifies for registration. Otherwise, the applicant of the mark must satisfy the registrar that the mark has acquired secondary meaning as of the date of the application, failing which the mark cannot proceed to registration.

You may click here to read the full article that appears on Asia IP.

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