Hong Kong and Singapore sign MOU to strengthen cooperation in Personal Data Protection

04 Jun 2019

Hong Kong's and Singapore's data protection authorities, on 31 May 2019, signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) to strengthen cooperation in personal data protection in the two jurisdictions. 

As part of the enhanced cooperation, Hong Kong and Singapore also jointly developed a guide to data protection by design (“DPbD”) for information and communications technology (“ICT”) Systems (“Guide”).

The Guide aims to assist organisations that wish to apply DPbD when designing and building ICT systems. It is intended for IT project managers, system architects and software developers involved in system or software development work. Data protection officers (“DPOs”) will gain a better understanding of how good practices fit into the system development processes.

In particular, this Guide provides information on:
(a) DPbD principles
(b) DPbD activities in each phase of the software development lifecycle (“SDLC”)
(c) Good data protection practices for ICT systems

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