Directors Lim Chong Kin and Benjamin Gaw co-authored Singapore chapter in GLI: Fintech 2022

30 Aug 2022

Directors Lim Chong Kin and Benjamin Gaw co-authored the Singapore chapter in Global Legal Insights (GLI): Fintech 2022.

The chapter provides a glance at the development of Fintech in Singapore and a comprehensive overview of topics such as Fintech offerings which include operating cryptocurrency exchanges and the offering of digital tokens (also known as initial coin offerings (ICOs)), the development of electronic payments or fund transfer solutions, digital advisory services (robo-advisers) and digital banking services; regulatory and insurance technologies; key regulations and regulatory approaches; restrictions; and agreements and legislations that facilitate cross-border business in Singapore.

You may read the chapter here.

This article first appeared in Global Legal Insights: Fintech 2022; published by Global Legal Group Ltd, London

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