Construction contracts – The essential terms & past lessons

28 Jan 2020

In December 2019, the Singapore Academy of Law’s Building and Construction Law Subcommittee (Law Reform Committee) released a “checklist” of ten categories of key terms to consider when engaging or being engaged for construction work called the “Checklist when Contracting for Construction Work” (“Checklist”).

The Checklist is aimed at prompting all parties to think about these points, with a view to minimising risk and the scope of disputes. Even if disputes are to a large extent difficult to avoid, particularly for large projects, devoting some thought to these key terms will help ensure that parties do not get embroiled in unnecessary litigation over fundamental terms and to confine the ambit of any disputes which crop up.

In this update, we draw from lessons taught by past litigation to supplement the Checklist from a disputes lawyer’s perspective.

Please click here to read the update.

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