2019-nCoV (Covid-19) - FAQ on hot topics under PDPA and Employment Laws

13 Feb 2020

On 7 February 2020, the Ministry of Health (MOH) raised the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition or DORSCON from Yellow to Orange. The MOH has also additional control measures to prevent the risk of further transmission of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in the community.

As a result of the additional control measures, we have received some queries as to how data protection and employment laws apply in relation to the collection of personal data from visitors and employees. Visitors and employees may also be concerned as to whether they should be releasing their personal data if requested to do so and how their data may be used. To address some of the more common issues, we have prepared a set of FAQs to clarify how the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and employment law may be applicable.

To read the FAQ, please click here.

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