Director Kelvin Tan quoted in Asian Legal Business on the rise in cross-border disputes in Asia

31 Oct 2017

Director Kelvin Tan shared his thoughts with Asian Legal Business (ALB) in its article studying the rise in cross-border disputes in Asia.

In relation to China’s $1 trillion Belt and Road initiative, KVT was quoted as saying: “As China rolls out its Belt and Road initiative in Southeast Asia,  the region may see an uptick in disputes from the projects, the corollary financing and other businesses that will support the projects. The arbitration eco-system and the Singapore International Commercial Court are well suited to play a role in the  resolution of such disputes.”

His advice to parties that regularly enter into cross-border transactions is “to maintain the consistency of the company’s contracts so as to avoid inconsistent dispute resolution clauses in related contracts or, at least, decide on primary and back-up choices.”

Read the article here.

Reproduced with the permission from the writer, John Kang, Asian Legal Business.