Drew & Napier's Board of Directors grows with the addition of 3 members

02 May 2019

2 May 2019 – We are pleased to announce the admission of Rakesh Kirpalani, Meryl Koh and Adam Maniam to our Board as shareholders and equity directors as of 1 May 2019.  Rakesh, Meryl and Adam are home-grown Drew & Napier lawyers who are known for their talent, energy and steadfast dedication to the cause of their clients.
CEO Cavinder Bull, SC, said, “The board was unanimous in inviting Rakesh, Meryl and Adam to join us. We know them well and are confident of their integrity and the quality of their work. We have high hopes that Rakesh is uniquely poised to develop a successful practice in the IT space and the firm is intent on helping him to achieve those ambitions. Adam is already a litigator with his own reputation and will continue to argue cases before Judges and arbitrators, even as he grows a team of his own. Meryl follows in the wake of a long line of illustrious IP litigators from Drew and brings what we believe is an incredible level of energy to the task of building her own practice in general and IP litigation. I am looking forward to seeing them flourish in the years ahead.”

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