24 Jan 2019

Drew & Napier and Davinder Singh, SC announce that Davinder has decided to leave the firm to start his own practice and to train young lawyers. He will be joined by Drew & Napier directors Jaikanth Shankar and Pardeep Singh Khosa.

Two years ago, as CEO, and without being asked, he initiated the renewal process and appointed a new CEO. He was asked to stay on as Executive Chairman with no retirement age.

In Davinder’s words, “Renewal in the commercial world cannot meaningfully take place under a shadow. If you train the young to take over, you must trust them to do so. I have overseen the transition and am convinced that the new team is ready and the firm is in capable hands. I therefore believe that it is the right thing to do to move on. I am also very blessed to be able to do that at a time of my choosing.”

Cavinder would like to express the firm’s gratitude for all that Davinder, Jaikanth and Pardeep have done for Drew & Napier. They will always count as our closest and dearest friends and we wish them the very best in the next stage of their careers.

With Davinder’s departure, Jimmy Yim, SC will assume the role of Chairman of the Board whilst continuing as the Managing Director of the Dispute Resolution Department of the firm. Cavinder Bull, SC, who Davinder appointed as CEO in August 2017, will continue as the firm’s chief executive, assisted by Deputy CEO Sushil Nair. The firm will continue to build on the foundation laid by generations of Drew & Napier lawyers.