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Data Protection Law in ASEAN: Comparing the laws of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines

This course provides an overview of data protection laws within the ASEAN region. With initiatives such as the ASEAN Framework on Personal Data Protection and ASEAN Framework on Digital Data Governance, ASEAN is seeking to strengthen the governance of digital data and develop frameworks that facilitate the growth of the digital economy within ASEAN. At present, four ASEAN member states have enacted data protection laws and more are expected to enact laws in the coming years. This course provides an overview of existing data protection laws in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines and considers how they may inter-operate (for example, in the case of cross-border transfers). This course is essential for companies engaged in personal data processing activities across the ASEAN region.

Duration:2 days
Dates: 19 - 20 Apr 2022
Venue:This course will be conducted via Zoom, subject to prevailing Covid measures
Cost (SGD):$2,000.00

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