Public Consultation on Proposed Employment Claims Tribunal

21 Mar 2016

This update discusses the Ministry of Manpower’s (“MOM”) consultation paper on the key features of a proposed Employment Claims Tribunal (“ECT”). The proposed ECT will be a Tribunal under the State Courts, similar to the Small Claims Tribunal, and will adjudicate salary-related claims in place of the present Labour Court.

The update discusses the possible implications for employers, as well as the following key features, of the proposed ECT:

(a) coverage: The proposed ECT will adjudicate salary-related claims for all employees who have an employment contract with their employers, including professionals, managers or executives (“PMEs”) not covered under the Employment Act;

(b) types of claims: The proposed ECT will adjudicate salary-related claims, both statutory and contractual;

(c) compulsory mediation: Claimants will be required to undergo mediation before their cases will be heard by the proposed ECT; and

(d) monetary & time limits on claims heard by the proposed ECT.

To read the update, please click here.

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