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Legal Update

At Drew & Napier, we provide legal updates and publications on the latest legal and regulatory developments that matter to our clients and friends.

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Note: The legal updates and publications on this site are for general information only and should not be considered legal advice.

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  • New Guidelines and Proposed Regulations for the Healthcare Sector

    11 November 2014
    This article discusses some of the recent developments in the healthcare regulatory landscape in Singapore, namely: (a) the draft Human Biomedical Research Bill; (b) the proposed subsidiary legislation for the transfer of regulatory controls of certain pharmaceutical products to the Health Products Act, issued by the Health Sciences Authority (as part of its public consultation); (c) the Advisory Guidelines of the Healthcare Sector issued by the Personal Data Protection Commission; (d) the draft home care and centre-based care guidelines, issued by the Ministry of Health (as part of its public consultation).
  • Amendments to the Companies Act – Power of directors to bind companies

    29 October 2014
    This update is the second in a series of legal updates discussing the amendments brought about by the Companies (Amendment) Bill 2014. It discusses the amendments relating to the power of directors to bind a company, including the new sections 25B, 25C and 25D.
  • Amendments to the Companies Act – Impact on corporate transactions

    17 October 2014
    This update discusses the amendments brought about by the Companies (Amendment) Bill in the following key categories of corporate transactions and the potential issues which stakeholders may face in practice.
  • Re-employment of Employees & Constructive Dismissal Claims

    17 October 2014
    This update reports the Tripartite Committee on Employability of Older Worker’s recommendations in raising the re-employment age from 65 to 67, and the Singapore Court of Appeal decision of Wee Kim San Lawrence Bernard v Robinson & Co (Singapore) Pte Ltd [2014] SGCA 43 that serves as an important reminder to employers, when deciding on termination of employee matters, to be mindful of any conduct that could give rise to a breach of the mutual trust and confidence between employers and employees.
  • PDPC issues additional Advisory Guidelines under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012

    22 September 2014
    This legal update discusses the above finalised advisory guidelines, as well as the PDPC’s new educational handbook entitled “A Guide to Notification”.
  • Proposals to enhance regulatory safeguards for investors in the Capital Markets

    1 September 2014
    This update discusses a consultation paper published by the Monetary Authority of Singapore on proposals to enhance its regulatory framework for safeguarding investors’ interests. The proposals are in the following three key areas: (a) extending to investors in non-conventional investment products the current regulatory safeguards available to investors in capital markets; (b) requiring investment products to be rated for complexity and risks, and for these ratings to be disclosed to investors; and (c) refining the non-retail investor classes including providing accredited investors the option to benefit from the full range of capital markets regulatory safeguards that are applicable for retail investors.
  • Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014

    21 August 2014
    The Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014 provides more effective protection for online content and greater access to copyrighted material for those with reading disabilities.
  • Competiton Law Quarterly Update Q2/2014

    18 August 2014
    View interesting updates on competition law development and cases in Singapore and around the world.
  • Proposed framework for systemically important banks in Singapore

    29 July 2014
    This update discusses MAS’ proposals, including, an overview of the proposed regulatory framework, the assessment methodology for identifying systemically important banks in Singapore, the policy measures to be applied toward such banks and the implementation timeline for the proposed regulatory framework.
  • PDPA related amendments to MAS AML/CFT notices and MAS’ response to feedback received

    11 July 2014
    In light of the Personal Data Protection Act coming into force, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) published a consultation paper proposing amendments (“Personal Data Amendment”) to MAS notices on prevention of money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (“ML/CFT Notices”). The Personal Data Amendment aimed to clarify that for the purposes of meeting anti-money laundering / countering the financing of terrorism requirements, financial institutions may collect, use and disclose personal data without customer consent, as per existing practice. Following the receipt of feedback, MAS made further amendments to the Personal Data Amendment and published its response discussing the further amendments in light of feedback received. This update is a follow up to our earlier update on the Personal Data Amendment and discusses MAS’ response.