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Legal Update

At Drew & Napier, we provide legal updates and publications on the latest legal and regulatory developments that matter to our clients and friends.

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Note: The legal updates and publications on this site are for general information only and should not be considered legal advice.

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  • PDPC Takes Action Against 11 Organisations For Breaching Data Protection Obligations

    13 May 2016
    The Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) has issued the Advisory Guidelines on Enforcement of the Data Protection Provisions (Enforcement Guidelines), and announced that it has taken enforcement actions against 11 organisations for breaching their data protection obligations. This update discusses the Enforcement Guidelines and the enforcement action taken by the PDPC against the 11 organisations.
  • Singapore Court of Appeal considers scope of the own name defence in trade mark infringement claim

    29 April 2016
    In the landmark case of The Audience Motivation Company Asia Pte Ltd v AMC Live Group China (S) Pte Ltd [2016] SGCA 25, the Court of Appeal held that AMC Live Group China (S) Pte Ltd was not able to rely on the own name defence under s 28(1) of the Trade Marks Act (Cap. 332, Rev. Ed. 2005) as its use of its marks did not follow honest practices. Consequently, the Court of Appeal allowed The Audience Motivation Company Asia Pte Ltd’s claim for trade mark infringement under s 27(2)(b) of the Trade Marks Act.
  • Predictive Coding Software in the E-Disclosure Process Approved by English Court

    21 April 2016
    In the recent case of Pyrrho Investments Limited and another v MWB Property Limited and others [2016] EWHC 256 (Ch), the High Court of England and Wales approved the use of predictive coding software in electronic discovery.
  • Statutory Derivative Action Is Not Available Once A Company Is in Liquidation

    6 April 2016
    n the recent case of Petroships Investment Pte Ltd v Wealthplus Pte Ltd and others and another matter [2016] SGCA 17, the Court of Appeal held for the first time that a statutory derivative action under s 216A of the Companies Act is not available once a company is in liquidation.
  • Drew & Napier Data Protection Quarterly Update Q1/2016

    31 March 2016
    In this first issue of our Data Protection Quarterly Update, we look at the emergence of new regulatory instruments and frameworks in the APAC region and in Europe, as courts, governments, and regulators continue to grapple with rapid advancements in new technologies and their implications on the ways in which personal data can be utilised.
  • Public Consultation on Proposed Employment Claims Tribunal

    21 March 2016
    This update discusses the Ministry of Manpower’s (“MOM”) consultation paper on the key features of a proposed Employment Claims Tribunal (“ECT”), and its potential impact on employers. The proposed ECT will be a Tribunal under the State Courts, similar to the Small Claims Tribunal, and will adjudicate salary-related claims. It aims to provide an expedient and accessible system for employees, including professionals, managers or executives (“PMEs”) not covered under the Employment Act.
  • Without Prejudice Privilege May Apply to Communications with Regulator

    7 March 2016
    This update discusses the recent decision on Property Alliance Group Ltd v Royal Bank of Scotland plc [2016] 1 WLR 361 by the High Court of England (Chancery Division).
  • Singapore Take-over Code Revised

    1 March 2016
    This update sets out the changes to the Singapore Code on Take-overs and Mergers (“Code”), following receipt of feedback on the consultation draft issued in July 2015.
  • Drew & Napier Competition Law Quarterly Update Q1/2016

    4 February 2016
    View interesting updates on competition law development and cases in Singapore and around the world.
  • Proposed system of costs scheduling for insolvency practitioners

    11 November 2015
    This update discusses the recent case of Kao Chai-Chau Linda v Fong Wai Lyn Carolyn and others [2015] SGHC 260.